Taking Safety Seriously

Statement of Intent

Cosham Plant considers safety to be its paramount policy. The health and safety of our workforce and everyone else affected by our activities is fundamental to the success of our business and we believe there is no conflict between our long-term financial success and our obligation to keep our workforce and everyone else affected by our activities safe. Cosham Plant is committed to a goal of zero incidents which means: no deaths, no injuries and no long term harm to health to those affected by our work activities.

To achieve this goal we have identified the hazards and risks involved in our activities, by eliminating these risks wherever possible and by establishing robust arrangements for the management of any remaining risks. We strive to continually improve our health and safety performance and we strive to eliminate all incidents from our business. We believe that all injuries and work related ill health can be prevented. We will set realistic health and safety objectives ensuring compliance with health and safety legislation as a minimum.


Responsibility for this policy ultimately lies with the Cosham Plant Managing Director. This includes the responsibility to ensure the provision of adequate resources for its implementation and regular assessment. Our workforce has a legal and moral responsibility to comply with this policy and its associated arrangements and to ensure its successful day to day implementation.

Cosham Plant have also appointed a Health and Safety Advisor who is responsible for formulating policies, assessing risk, monitoring, training and advising the MD of any changes in health and safety legislation.


The implementation of Health and Safety controls relies upon the competence, cooperation and commitment of all employees. We will therefore:

  • Actively involve our workforce and customers in developing and sustaining a positive health and safety culture which demonstrates leadership and commitment.
  • Develop the necessary competencies, through provision of information, training, instruction and supervision, to enable our workforce to comply with all health and safety requirements and to perform their duties safely.
  • Create a culture of accident prevention for our workforce and customers whilst operating our plant Equipment to ensure that the risks associated are assessed and properly managed.
  • Seek workforce participation and views through the use of appropriate consultative meetings.
  • Provide occupational health support and advice.

Continuous Improvement & Policy Review

We regularly monitor our health and safety performance, working closely with our workforce and customers to achieve continual improvement. We are committed to engaging with professional, regulatory and institutional groups in the development of innovative solutions and implementation of best practice.
This policy and its associated arrangements will be reviewed annually, as a minimum.